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Aims of Legacy

  • Identify historical buildings, monuments and areas of the built environment which would be singled out for their contribution to the evolution, history and culture of Nigeria
  • Promote the knowledge of both Adults and Children of such monuments and to provide a recorded legacy for future generations.
  • Promote through the press, television and its own publications and through contacts with Public and private Institutions, the preservation, restoration and reconstruction of such monuments, environments and cultural entities, manuscripts and objects to ensure their continued enjoyment for the public.
  • To assist private persons, organizations or Government, NGOs including the National Commission for Museum and Monuments in pursuit of these Aims and to work with them, if requested, through expertise available from the Society.
  • To encourage the formation of branch organizations whose efforts are to be coordinated through the Society in the common understanding and pursuit of these aims.
  • To establish central clearing house for records of all items of interest for the purposes of monitoring their maintenance, promoting their tourist potential and the interest of mankind.
  • To raise funds for the purpose of maintaining the work of the Society and for expenditure on approved projects, research and related activities and maintaining relations with international bodies.
  • To acquire premises to provide an administrative centre including a library and archives and facilities for overseas groups wishing to establish a local presence.

These aims can be spread over three basic functions:

  • Education
    The proposal for this includes

    • Development of museums
    • Records and information of historical buildings in Nigeria – this archival project may be implemented with the aim of collecting and preserving this information for public use and may be accessed through Legacy.
    • Walks and other guided tours through these buildings – these are currently ongoing throughout the country and managed by the Legacy Events Officer. Walks and guided tours provide an opportunity for the public to gain the benefit of Legacy’s preservation work.
    • Lectures and discussions – these will be arranged periodically with academics, professionals and persons of interest who are relevant to the aims of Legacy.
    • Publications and Articles in the press – these will be developed periodically by Legacy members to sonsistently share information with the public about the work of the organization as well as about historic sites.
    • Creation of an internship programme – to support the work of the organization, a useful way to increase capacity is to create a programme of interns currently in relevant areas of study to support programme Implementation. These will promote knowledge about such monuments and buildings to the public, increase exposure through the press and in turn encourage formation of branch organizations to promote this.

This involves the organization of events around themes for the public. It is also a good way to raise funds for the organization and get even more information out.

In addition to current building preservation work taken on by Legacy, this plan suggests Master classes run by either members of Legacy or an independent to teach certain specializations necessary to the restoration of buildings in areas covered by the organization and its branches.

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